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This is a compilation of tracks to set the vibe of a new project I’ll be starting with the Kish team very soon.

Hope you enjoy listening.


Latika’s Theme - A. R. Rahman & Suzanne
Romeo (Live) - Basement Jaxx
Far Away - Jose Gonzalez
Talking With Myself 98 (Canny Remix) - Electribe 101
You Wish - Nightmares On Wax
Gabriel - Lamb
Letting The Cables Sleep (The N.O.W. Remix) - Bush
A Real Hero - College & Electric Youth
Feels Like Home (Original Mix) - Sina
Riva - Slow. Pulse & Cathy Battistessa
Munich (Live) - Corinne Bailey Rae
Fiesta (Original Mix) - 80s Casual
Elle Et Moi - Cicada
After Tonight - Justin Nozuka
Easy Rider - Deep & Wide
Adios Ayer - Jose Padilla

Can I have some integrated face shades please?

So I finally completed Deus Ex Human Revolution after getting it as a gift for my birthday back in September, thanks @ivorlonglegs. I’m going to come right out with it and say that this is possibly the best game I’ve played in a number of years.

I mean sure I’ve played many good games in recent years and even weeks, before I started Deus Ex I stormed through Gears 3, loved it and thought it was an excellent addition to the stable, but Deus Ex is something else and had me gripped entirely.

Of particular interest to me was the way that multiple choices we’re handled, there were many in the game, and their consequences though often not massive, we’re usually enough to make me feel like I had actually made an impact on this immersive game world. A situation with a friendly NPC called Malick being a good example, achievements/trophies were also tied in to add some weight to these decisions.

Not only that but the general feel of the core mechanics felt pretty solid throughout, sure you get the odd hiccup, as you do in most stealth based games, but for the most part if I screwed up I felt it was my fault. Which for me is one of the most important things to get right in any video game.

I think the overriding positive was having my stamp on Mr Jensen’s abilities, the character development was very compelling both with the upgrade system and throughout the plot line.

On the negative front I would say that the energy system felt a little bit limiting, it felt a little harsh to stop me performing cool take-down maneuvers at will. I suspect and can understand that this was likely a level of difficulty issue, though I’m sure it could definitely be worked around.

I would have liked some sort of storage system which would allow the player to stash favorite items etc. This would also have made me more inclined to play with different weapons. I often felt overly precious about a weapon, only to later find I really didn’t need it. The game did seem to remember wherever you dropped an item but I think half the problem here is human error and remembering where you actually put stuff.

Still, amazing game, I hope we get more I’m getting withdrawals already.

So I picked up Homefront recently despite the average reviews, mainly because I was intrigued by the setting I guess.

Now I have to say I’m glad I did, don’t get me wrong this game has it’s problems and I can certainly see why it received a mix reception, but if you can look past it’s flaws it’s worth a look.

I’ll start with the bad first, the friendly NPC’s are infuriating, time after time you’ll take up point in what you feel is a decent position, ready to drop back when the inevitable volley of incoming fire comes your way. You attempt to track back or sidestep into cover only to be stopped by your comrade who now occupies said position. Do they move to let you take cover? no, you just end up with your head well and truly above the parapet and nine times out of ten, dead.

The art feels a little dated now, it’s pretty enough in places and it almost has a Half Life 2 feel about it, but Half Life 2 is about 6 years old. And it’s short, very short, though that kinda suits me these days, whilst trying to juggle family commitments, music production and my day job.

Another gripe was the re-spawning enemies. In Homefront they are inconsistent throughout the game, sometimes they re-spawn, sometimes they don’t. It just seemed that when they did use them it wasn’t entirely necessary.

For me the single biggest issue is the reload times, they seem to take forever and it’s to the games detriment, if these were a fraction of a second faster, the pace and general feel of the game would be massively improved.

Issues aside I found that there was a fair bit to like about Homefront, the weapons felt good, they felt useful, powerful and made you feel like you could do some damage, despite the long reload time problem I already mentioned.

There were some really nice set pieces in the game, and some really cool battle set ups, even if they were a little cliched, church bell tower anyone? but in fairness even that was fun. Some of the in game cinematic set pieces were enjoyable too, the game attempts to pull at the heart strings and on occasion pulls it off, you see parents killed in the street and the orphaned child subsequently run up to his executed parents, screaming, this really helped reinforce the nature of the enemy and made you want to take revenge.

Having written this it definitely seems like there was more for me to dislike than to like, but I genuinely felt like I enjoyed the play-through, and I’d certainly recommend that FPS fans pick it up to kill a few hours.

I hope it does well enough to warrant a sequel, as I genuinely think that there is something here for the team to build on, and if they fix up the issues I’ve mentioned and bring the visuals up to date this could be competing with the best.

It’s all about me!

I’m 30 years old and happily married to my beautiful wife Jodie, we live in the midlands in the UK with our daughter. I’ve been involved in making video games for almost 12 years and I love my work just as much now as the day I started.

I’m also a DJ with nearly 14 years of experience, I held the house residency at Hotdog as well as playing at events like Hed Kandi amongst others. These days you can usually catch me at a monthly event I co-promote called Kish in Mansfield, England.

Additionally I occasionally attempt to produce my own music, which I tend to post here. I hope you enjoy visiting the site.


Paul Colls April 2011 Chart

Here’s my chart for April, some amazing tracks this month loving the new Axwell anthem, I also saw Hayley Parsons play at Gatecrasher Nottingham last month, played a great set which put me onto one of her tracks “Next Stop AU” hope you all enjoy these tracks as much as I did.

Axwell – Heart is King – Original Mix

Bassfort – Last Night – Original Mix
Black Raw – Eargasm – Daddy’s Groove Re-edit
Calvin Harris – Awooga – Original Mix
Chris Lake – Secrets In the Dark – Original Mix
Darwin & Backwall – Hungry Pony – Original Mix
Gabriel Rocha – Ride On Time – Original Mix
Hayley Parsons – Next Stop AU – Original Mix
Michael Woods – First Aid – Original Mix
Spooky – Belong – Sasha Involver Remix (Prankster Edit)

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